49 Margin Street Cohasset MA for sale for $55,000,000! It includes the 24,000 square foot Roy Estate with almost 10 acres on Cohasset Harbor, The Atantica restaurant and The Cohasset Harbor Inn.

The Roy Estate. 49 Margin Street Cohasset MA 02025 For sale for $55,000,000The Roy Estate is For Sale in Cohasset. It can be your for $55,000,000, however it does include a fine dining restaurant, Atlantica, a small casual restaurant, The Old Salt House and a small boutique hotel, The Cohasset Harbor Inn. I am not representing the seller, but I am looking for a buyer for this special property. Please call Jeffrey Bowen @ 781-201-9488 if you are interested and qualified to look at this extraordinary property.jeff.bowen@jeffreybowen.com

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