Forbes Lofts, Chelsea MA. What is going on there and who is going to finish the project? Chelsea needs another loft community.

When is someone going to finish the Forbes Lofts?

I see some activity over there again.

Any news would be great.

I would love to live, list and sell them all.

Are there any investors out there who are looking at it?

I sent it to a local semi-large developer last week and I hope they are considering it if it is available for sale?

I live an eighth of a mile from there and it would be ausome if I could walk to work everyday.

My windows @ The Spencer lofts look directly at the windmill that is @ The Forbes lofts.

Amalgamated Bank had the mortgage last time I checked.

I mean, who would not want to develop a waterfront loft building? If I had the cash I would.

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  1. why does every link go to instead of leading to actual information? is this a fake site? to serve what purpose?

  2. Hi Charlene,

    Forbes Park is in transition. It has stalled due to financing, however I hear that it coming back online soon. It should be completed by 2012. I have Chelsea lofts that are currently on the market @ The Spencer Lofts, Keen Lofts , Pearl Street Lofts and Industrie Lofts. Please let me know if you would like to see these?. Jeff 781-201-9488

  3. I visited the Forbes lofts in 2008 when there was much more hoop la. The designer/developer was promoting a style simlar to his Davis Sq aesthetic. Which frankly I think plays a larger role than the credit markets in why he his project isn’t sucessful. Asking 400K for ” exposed brick” — actually, it was exposed Block — Cinder block to be exact. Thats just not Chic. And while the total peice of land was wildly attractive, the Phase 1 condo building was dark, exposed, depressing. A good place to contemplate suicide…

    Considering that he had seeming great support from the City of Chelsea in building “a few hundred additional units”, the design problems are really worth revisiting. I just remember standing around with a bunch of mortgage brokers and a few possible buyers all aware of this significant elephant in the room.

    Some suggestions…Cut down the exposed pipes, inhumane lighting, and cumbersome stairwells. I understand all those exterior staircases create more interior space but its so chaotic to look at, be around. Like some sort of physical schizophrenia morhping out of the building — like a growth. Warm up those interiors! intelligent track or recessed lighting! Humans will be living there! No Exposed Cinderblock! Period! It is not sexy, interesting, or authentic. Its like living in a garage. Build out some of the land to reduce the purchase price of the condos.

    Its such an amazing spot with such potential…I hope it gets some play.

  4. Will this project ever see the light of day again? There was much wrong with the original plans. I went to an open house where the tour guide was trying to ignore water pouring in through the ceiling. He instead of boasting of plans to plant blueberries on the roof! This development had so much potential. I do hope it finds other funding. Any hope? Your last reply states it would be done in 2012.

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