An Introduction To Jeffrey Bowen.

An Introduction to Jeffrey Bowen:

Jeff Bowen has sold over $700,000,000 in Real Estate in 21 years and counting. He knows his way around this business and when he started selling real estate his average sale price was $200,000 per transaction! How times have changed.

Thanks for taking a minute of your time and watch my brief introduction of my philosophy of Being a Boston Real Estate Agent and Boston Real Estate Broker.

It is a privilege and honor to be a Successful Real Estate Broker and to have found my life’s work. It is never about the one sale, but the many. The relationships are key to my success and the reward is happy clients, repeat business and referrals.

Jeff is very passionate about architecture, design and the presentation of his listings and utilizes all the latest technologies and spends more on marketing his listings through his web sites, blogs and social media than even most entire companies spend on all their listings.


We hope to hear from you. Let’s get the ball rolling and make some money, while having fun and looking well!

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