Spencer Lofts tour 12-1 Sunday, May 16th from 12-1. New listings for rent and for sale!

Jeffrey Bowen 781-201-9488. jeff.bowen@jeffreybowen.com

Lofts range from $1,300 -$1,800 For rent and from $209,000-$329,000 for sale. If you are coming to the tour, please contact Jeff ahead of time and please be here @ 12:00 as I do not want have to go back and forth into lofts multiple times. If you can’t make Sunday I can arrange another tour during the week. Just ask.

Spencer lofts is a brick and beam factory loft conversion that was a former textile and show factory. The conversion was done in 2004/2005. There are 100 lofts here plus the Spencer Lofts Art Gallery. Chelsea is Boston’s best kept secret for a growing Arts Community, low prices for real estate and easy access to and from Boston. Forget what you heard and come take a look with your own eyes. I am not only a Realtor here in Chelsea, I am resident of The Spencer Lofts.

There is a commuter rail in Chelsea, plus there are tons of bus routes that go to the blue and orange lines.

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