The Chelsea City Cafe. My new local favorite coffee and tea stop!

The Chelsea City cafe is my new local favorite coffee stop! Chelsea City Cafe’ has a dark roast Costa Rican that they hand roast in small batches right now. They also serve Harney and Sons Tea, which is not only my favorite tea; the Four Seasons serves their tea around the world. Try the Earl Grey Supreme with bergamot and silvertip! They also serve Charlene’s home-made pastries. They serve the only brunch in Chelsea on Sundays. I loathe Dunkin Donuts chock full o nuts proctor and gamble coffee. YUCK! Chelsea City Cafe’ is located in Cary Square in Chelsea MA located at 173 Washington Ave in historic Cary Square in Chelsea MA 02150. THe 111 bus stops right outside the doors. THey have the only Brunch in Chelsea on Sundays. Please tell Chuck that Jeffrey Bowen sent you over. I want to see them survive and thrive as they are good for Chelsea and provide the independent local coffee shop experience. Jeffrey Bowen, Local Realtor 781-201-9488

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