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Ron Barone of Barone’s Lead Paint Removal Company shared this link with me today and I want to share it with you. Barone’s Lead Paint Removal is a full service and certified lead paint removal company based in Boston MA and has been in business since 1990. Please call Ron Barone if you need a free estimate at 617-908-7008 for a lead paint removal consultation. Please tell him that you found his name here. Click on this blog to connect with and enter your address to see if your home has ever been tested for lead paint. Every home built before 1978 probably has lead paint and most homeowner’s and home buyer’s sell and buy their homes as “unknown” If I had a child under 6, I certainly would not buy a home if I did not know where or how much lead paint was in the home. Every home-built before 1978 has to have the buyer the seller and the Realtors sign the “Lead PAint Disclosure Form” before signing a purchase and sale agreement. There is a 10 page document that goes with it, so please read that before buying or selling. Lead Paint causes major health problem. I have posted it on the sidebar for a permanent location. Thanks For reading!

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