I just got finished showing some lofts for rent

I had 3 sets of people looking @ 4 lofts and I think they all like the same one.

They all could not believe how nice they were and what you can get a loft for in Chelsea compared to the Seaport district.

I have a 3 level loft here that is on the market for $330,000 that would be a million dollarsor more in Boston, just 4 miles away.

Rents range from $1300-$1,800 and lofts sell between $220,000-$350,000.

Lofts are so cool to live in with high ceilings, large windows, exposed brick, Wood trusses and steel beams.

I do not think I could live in a regular apartment after living in 2 different lofts for almost 3 years.


Jeffrey Bowen


Success Real Estate

C: 781-201-9488

F: 617-466-2884

mailto: Jeff.bowen@jeffreybowen.com


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