320 Maverick Street East Boston MA 02128. Boston land for sale in Jeffries Point by Jeffrey Bowen, The Listing Agent.

320 Maverick Street is approximately a 1/3 of an acre of land in the Jeffries Point neighborhood of East Boston. Close to the MBTA train stop located in Maverick Square. The yuppies are coming , The yuppies are coming! The land abuts the airport. I personally think a parking lot or parking garage will help the neighborhood and the neighborhood businesses as there never is any parking available there. The land is zoned 3F and A-2RAO. Please call Jeffrey Bowen, the listing agent @ 781-201-9488. or email Jeff @ jeff.bowen@jeffreybowen.com

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  1. It’s free?

  2. Let me know when the sellers come down to reallity!!

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