163 Chestnut St Rental Lottery. Income Restricted Apartments

THE LOTTERY AND OCCUPANCY Has Changed to 10/05/23. PLEASE READ. ALL APPS must be received by 09/30/23. Occupancy looks like it will be by 10/30/23, but can’t be guaranteed.

163 Chestnut Street Lottery. Income Restricted Apartments.


Click on this link below to get the application package. Only Households with 2-4 people can apply. Please Note:  Chelsea Residents and people who work in Chelsea get picked first and then all the rest of the applications will be put into a second pool. All can apply, however it is most likely that the 3 lottery units will go in the first pool. Please read and review the income and asset limits for each unit. All income, employment and Assets will be verified. Please drop off all completed applications with supporting documents to Chelsea City Hall. Please include your credit report with the application package.


Household Size 2-4  People only:

UNIT #104. 30 % AMI Low Income – MAX INCOME- 2 people $26,100,  3 people $29,350, $32,600

UNIT #202. 50% AMI Low Income- MAX Income – 2 people $56,100, 3 people- $63,100 4 people $70,100

UNIT #302 80% AMI Low Income MAX Income   2 people – $67,320, 3 people $75,720, $85,120.


Unit #104. 30% AMI  max income 2 people -$26,100, 3 people- $32,600

Unit #104 is for 30% AMI(Area Median Income) $946 a month Application/Credit/Background check

UNIT #202. 50% AMI 2 People MAX Income – 2 people $56,100, 3 people- $63,100 4 people $70,100

Unit #202 is for 50% AMI(Area Median Income) UNIT #302. 2 people max income – $67,320, 3 people $75,720, $85,120

Unit #302 is for 80% AMI(Area Median Income) $2,517 a month

DOWNLOAD THIS PACKAGE BELOW with this link below: THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO FILL OUT AFTER WE QUALIFY YOU WITH THE LINKS BELOW. HOUSEHOLD SIZE 2-4 PEOPLE ONLY. NOT 1 or not 5+!!!! GOOD CREDIT IS A MUST. Make sure to download the Credit, Income and Background check and the Lottery application. Please Gather your documents. W-2, paycheck stubs, ID, Bank accounts and put them into one Dropbox, print them all out and put them all together. WE ONLY NEED PAGE 14-21 SIGNED, DELIVERED OR EMAILED BEFORE 10/01 TO 932 BROADWAY #1 REAR CHELSEA, MA 02150



Only People who are selected in the lottery, who qualify will be eligible for a tour of the property once the property is completed. 10/31 occupancy is the goal but can’t be guaranteed.



Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan


163 Chestnut Street Chelsea, MA, 02150


Lottery Agent:

ERealty Advisors Inc.

Jeffrey Bowen
781-201-9488 text/email



163 Chestnut, LLC

932 Broadway Chelsea, MA 02150




163 Chestnut St Lottery


163 Chestnut, LLC 

932 Broadway Chelsea, MA 02150


Table of Contents


  •  Purpose of Plan Page 2

  • Description of the Development Page 2

  • Marketing and Application Distribution Page 4
    1. Advertising  
    2. Marketing Activities  
    3. Community Organizations, Agencies and Listings  
    4. Application Distribution


  • Income Eligibility and Preferences Page 7
    1. Income Eligibility
    2. Lottery Preferences


  • Lottery Process Page 10

  • Closing Process Page 11

  • Use and Resale Restrictions Page 11




  1. Sample Lottery Advertisement
  2. Sample Lottery Application 
  3. Sample Rejection Letter
  4. Erealty Advisors’ Reasonable Accommodation Policy
  5. Erealty Advisors Language Access Plan
  6. Building Floor Plans
  7. List of Civic & Community Organizations
  8. Erealty Advisors, Inc Company Bio & Resume


Section I: Purpose of Plan


ERealty Advisors, Inc sets forth this Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly and consistently in its Marketing Program.


The purpose of this plan is to attract and solicit applicants that reflect the racial and economic diversity of the MSA. The program shall ensure that any group(s) of persons ordinarily not likely to apply for this housing without special outreach know about the available housing, feel welcome to apply and can rent an affordable apartment. 


The developer, 163 Chestnut, LLC. and the lottery agent, ERealty Advisors Inc., will comply with all federal, state and local fair housing and civil rights laws and with all equal opportunity requirements in administrative procedures.  In carrying out this marketing program and resident selection process, neither the Owner nor its Agents, will discriminate based on race, color, creed, religion, sex, familial status, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, handicap, citizenship, ancestry or marital status, public Below is a summary of the designated affordable units:

3 Income Restricted Apartments Available

# of Units  Unit Size Rent Price
163 Chestnut C104 904 30% AMI $946
163 Chestnut C202 904 50% AMI $1,577
163 Chestnut C302 1549 80% AMI $2,517


Parking: 163 Chestnut: 1 assigned outside parking is included for first come first serve. # will be TBD 


Pet Policy: Cats & dogs are allowed. No aggressive breeds. Pet fees may apply. Max 2 Pets/Unit 


Utilities:  Owners are responsible for all utilities: Electricity, Cable/Internet (Optional). Heating and Cooking are Electric. Water is sub metered and tenants will be responsible for payment.  Each unit will have Washer and Dryer included.


Household Size 30 % AMI Low Income  50% AMI Low Income  80% AMI Low Income
2 $26,100 $56,100 $67,320
3 $29,350 $63,100 $75,720
4 $32,600 $70,100 $84,120


Rents will be calculated minus the cost of utilities. , based upon the utility allowances issued by the U.S.

Department of Housing & Urban Development.


Management: The developer will provide an estimated budget. That will encompass all common area expenses. Management fee water, sewer, trash. Master Insurance, maintenance, electricity, landscaping and snow removal, cleaning and other costs 


The affordable units will be in the 30%. 50% 80% Area Median Income (AMI) income category. 


Below are the current 2022 income limits for Boston, Cambridge, Quincy, Chelsea MA-NH MSA. 

Advertising has commenced 07/20/23. Our plan is to have the lottery on September 21st AT 932 BROADWAY #1 (REAR) AT 11:00AM. This will be recorded and is not open to the public.  Completion and Occupancy of the project is expected to be somewhere from 09/01-09/30assistance, gender identity or any other basis prohibited by law.  


All marketing staff and all other persons involved in processing and/or handling applications will be trained in Fair Housing laws.

Section II: Description of the Project


The project name is  “163 Chestnut Lottery” and is located at 163 Chestnut Street in Chelsea.  163 Chestnut Street contains 16 rentals with outdoor parking. The property is located on the cusp of the Chelsea downtown corridor. The property is located within striking distances of many shopping and dining destinations. Numerous public transportation options are within ¼ miles of the property including The Commuter Rail, Silver Line and several bus routes. 


Three(3) of the 30 residential rentals are designated as an income-restricted (also known as “affordable”) rental.  The affordable unit will be rented to households earning less than the 30%, 50% and  80% Area Median Income. The affordable units are designated as affordable through the City of Chelsea Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance. The rental prices will be set by the City of Chelsea.  


Section III: Marketing and Application Distribution 


  1. Advertising


The advertising component of the Marketing Plan will include the following:


  1. The Fair Housing Logo used by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) shall be prominently displayed in the on-site Management Office.


  1. All applications, material and website and will display the Fair Housing and Barrier-Free Logos.


  1. Whenever the site’s telephone number is provided, the MA Relay 711 number will also be used.


  1. Advertisements will run in each newspaper twice during a 60-day period.  


  1. Advertisements will be consistent in size (approximately 1/8 page – 1/4page ) and other major attributes among various publications.


  1. Marketing Activities


The marketing period will be 60 days in length – from 07/20/23 through 09/20/23. The following marketing approaches will be:


  1. Newspapers Advertisements: The lottery advertisement will be published in several newspapers listed below.
  2. Website Advertisements: The lottery advertisement will be listed on the website listed below.
  3. Direct Mailings: The agencies listed below in the Organizations chart will receive lottery advertisements and information on the lottery.
  4. Information Session: ERealty Advisors INC will also conduct an information session for households interested in potential units. 


Applications and information packets will be available by mail and email as well as in person at the Chelsea City Hall, Department of Housing and Community Development, 500 Broadway, Room 101. Please note this is subject to change due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Upon arrival at City Hall, please request an application from the City Hall greeter. Public access to certain offices is not permitted, but the City Hall Greeter can provide applications upon request. Applications are to be filled out completely and returned to 932 Broadway unit #1 (Rear) PDF/Dropbox apps are preferred. Please go to www.chelsearealestate.com/lottery to download the full application plus please apple for the credit, income and background check for the unit that you are applying for. ONLY Households of 2-4 People will qualify. Chelsea Residents and People who work in Chelsea will be selected in the first local pool. If no one qualifies in the first local pool then the apps from out of town will be picked from. 


The staff of ERealty Advisors Inc are available to assist individuals in the completion of their application and can accommodate households with disabilities that may impede their ability to complete the application. For households with limited English proficiency, ERealty Advisors Inc staff can arrange for assistance with translation 


Applicants have the right to request reasonable accommodations, which may include a change to a policy, procedure or practice to afford a person with a disability an equal opportunity to participate fully in the housing program or to use and enjoy the housing. Applicants may also be entitled to a reasonable modification(s) of the housing, when such modifications are necessary to afford a person with a disability an equal opportunity to use and enjoy the housing.


If an insufficient number of applicants are in the pool or the lottery list is exhausted, then the following marketing will take place:

  • E-mails to the ERealty Advisors Inc database of potentially interested parties
  • List on Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Additional real estate website posting (Zillow, Trulia, etc.)
  • Additional paid advertising, pending availability of funding of owners.


Affirmative Marketing: Websites
Website Organization
www.mbhp.org Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership
www.MassAccessHousingRegistry.org Citizens Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA)
https://www.boston.gov/metrolist  Metrolist Boston
Affirmative Marketing: Newspapers
Newspaper Area Served Demographic
Chelsea Record City of Chelsea Local
El Planeta Greater Boston Hispanic / Latino 
El Mundo Greater Boston Hispanic / Latino
Bay State Banner Greater Boston African American
Sampan Greater Boston Chinese & Other Asian


C. Community Organizations, Agencies and Listings


The Lottery Agent will send out to the Community Resources contacts written notification that the housing at the property is available.  Lottery advertisements and outreach letters will be sent to the local fair housing commission, area churches, local and regional housing agencies, civic groups, social service agencies and other non-profit agencies including, but not limited to, those listed below. 


Name and Address of Group/Organization
Boston Fair Housing Commission Metro List One City Hall Square, Boston, MA
Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance 97 Center Street, Dorchester, MA
CHAPA – Mass Access 18 Tremont Street, Boston, MA
Regional Housing Network of Massachusetts 18 Tremont Street, Boston, MA
Mass Housing 1 Beacon Street, Boston, Ma 02108
Massachusetts Housing Partnership 160 Federal Street, Boston, MA 02110
North Suburban Consortium – Malden Redevelopment Authority 17 Pleasant Street, Third Floor, Malden, MA  02148
La Collaborativa 318 Broadway, Chelsea, MA 02150
Community Action Inter-City Program (CAPIC) 100 Everett Ave., Chelsea, MA 02150 
GreenRoots 227 Marginal St., #1, Chelsea, MA 02150 
Chelsea Restoration Corporation  154 Pearl St., #2, Chelsea, MA 02150 
Chelsea Public Schools 500 Broadway, Chelsea, MA 02150
HarborCOV P.O. Box 505754

Chelsea, MA 02150

Chelsea Black Community    38 Addison Street, Chelsea, MA 02150


  1. Application Distribution


Applications will be made available from 07/20/23 -09/20/23 through the following methods:


Download: through the website  www.chelseaRealEstate.com


Text/Email/Call: Jeffrey Bowen 781-201-9488 text//email Text/Email preferred info@chelsearealestate.com 

Hablo Espanol? Text/Email/Call Carlos Almendarez at 781-731-5177 PM@BroadwayCapital.com  


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Tuesday:  8:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Friday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00AM – 5:00PM


Applications will include the following material:


  1. Outreach Letter – Explanation of the project, description of the units and finishes
  2. Application
  3. Floor Plan of available unit


Erealty Advisors Inc will conduct an information meeting regarding the lottery process for any interested applicants.  The information meeting will be held during a weekday night at the Chelsea City Hall room #101 – 569 Broadway, Chelsea, MA 02150 during business hours in the Inspectional services division meeting room downstairs.  The meeting will be held on 09/14/23  at 3:00PM -5:00PM


Please note the informational meeting may be held remotely due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Erealty Advisors Inc will record an informational meeting and post to the lottery website for prospective applicants to view at their convenience. 


All completed applications filed (with all information completed, signatures/dates and all corroborating documentation as detailed within the application) will be date-stamped and a log will be created and maintained of all applications received.  All applicants will receive written notification of receipt of their completed application by email.  Applicants will also receive a letter stating whether they will be entered the lottery or not.  


The deadline for completed applications by mail only, postmarked no later than 09/30//23


Mailed to or dropped off to City Hall ERealty Advisors Inc 

Attention: 163 Chestnut rental lottery
932 Broadway Chelsea, MA 02150


Section IV: Income Eligibility and Preferences


  • Income Eligibility


The income and asset eligibility screening process will begin upon receipt of applications. Applicant’s incomes must be under the maximum incomes allowed.  


Area Median Income (AMI) – means area median household income as defined by HUD pursuant to section 3 of the 42 U.S.C. 1437 (the Housing Act of 1937), as amended, adjusted for household size.


The maximum income limits are as follows:


Household Size 30 % AMI Low Income  50% AMI Low Income  80% AMI Low Income
2 $26,100 $56,100 $67,320
3 $29,350 $63,100 $75,720
4 $32,600 $70,100 $84,120

* 2022 Area Median Incomes for the Boston, Cambridge, Quincy,Chelsea MA-NH MSA. Household assets must be below the maximum asset of  $75,000.

Erealty Advisors Inc will verify income and assets based upon the regulations set forth outlined in the HUD Handbook 4350.3, REVl, Change 4, Chapter 5.

Erealty Advisors Inc will conduct their review by requesting the following required documentation for each application for individuals over the age of 18:


  1. Completed signed application 
  2. Proof of Identity for all household members 
  3. Last four (4) consecutive paychecks for each household member over 18 years old if paid biweekly, or eight (8) consecutive paychecks if paid weekly. 
  4. Two (2) months; of statements for all assets including checking, savings, 401K, IRA, pensions, stocks, bonds and other assets
  5. Last 2 years of Federal taxes, W-2, 1099s
  6. Real Estate verification – Household must be a first-time homebuyer defined as not having owned a residential property for three years, including in a trust.
  7. First time home buyer – Household must be a first-time homebuyer defined as not
  8. having owned a residential property for three years, including in a trust except for: 
  1. Displaced homemakers, where the displaced homemaker (an adult who has not worked full-time, full-year in the labor force for several years but has, during such years, worked primarily without remuneration to care for the home and family), while a homemaker, owned a home with his or her partner or resided in a home owned by the partner. B. Single parents, where the individual owned a home with their partner or resided in a home owned by the partner and is a single parent (is unmarried or legally separated from a spouse and either has 1 or more children of whom the individual has custody or joint custody or is pregnant. C. Households where at least one household member is 55 or over. D. Households that owned a principal residence not permanently affixed to a permanent foundation in accordance with applicable regulations. 
  2. Conflict of interest – Individuals or their families with a financial interest in the development are not eligible for the lottery.


Only applicants who meet the applicable eligibility requirements shall be entered into the lottery.  Applicants who are rejected will receive a rejection letter in writing and will be given 5 business days for the opportunity to appeal the decision. 


Applicants will be made aware that anyone who has financial interest in the rentals will not be eligible to apply. An affidavit will be included in the application stating this language and signed by the applicant.


Individuals or their families with a financial interest in the development are not eligible for the lottery.


  • Lottery Preferences


There will be two preferences for this lottery: a Household Size Preference & Local Preference. There are also two lottery pools – one for the local preference and one for the general pool.


Household Size Preference:


Within an applicant pool first preference shall be given to households requiring the total number of bedrooms in the unit based on the following criteria: 


  1. There is at least one occupant per bedroom, Minimum 2 occupants and maximum 4 occupants per state occupancy regulations. 
  2. A husband and wife, or those in a similar living arrangement, shall be required to share a bedroom. Other household members may share but shall not be required to share a bedroom. 
  3. A person described in the first sentence shall not be required to share a bedroom if a consequence of sharing would have a severe adverse impact on his or her mental or physical health and the lottery agent receives reliable medical documentation as to such impact of sharing. 
  4. A household may count an unborn child as a household member. The household must submit proof of pregnancy with the application. 
  5. If the applicant is in the process of a divorce or separation, the applicant must provide proof that the divorce or separation has begun or has been finalized, as set forth in the application. 


Local Preference:


Applicants will be given a local preference based on the following criteria:


  1. Current residents of Chelsea:  A household in which one or more members is living in the city or town at the time of application.  Documentation of residency should be provided, such as rent receipts, utility bills, street listing or voter registration listings. 
  2. Municipal Employees of Chelsea: Employees of the municipality, such as teachers, janitors, firefighters, police officers, librarians, or town hall employees.
  3. Employees of Local Businesses: Employees of businesses located in the      


  1.   Households with children attending the locality’s schools, such as METCO     



Section V. Lottery Process


Below is a description of the lottery process:


  1. Eligible applicants will be placed in the lottery pool list.  


  1. Once all applicants have been submitted by the deadline date, a lottery will be scheduled, and the public invited. This will not be mandatory for applicants to attend. 


  1. The lottery will be conducted by a neutral party, preferably a representative from the City of Chelsea, not connected with the developer or the managing agent.  This representative would ideally be drawing the ballots that assigned the lottery numbers.


  1. The location of the lottery will be held at the 932 Broadway, Chelsea, MA 02150 on 10/05/23 at 11:00AM  Attendance at the lottery is not mandatory for applicants. THIS IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.

Please note that due to COVID-19, all information sessions and in person lottery drawing on 09/14/23 may need to be adjusted to be conducted electronically. 


  1. As each application/card is drawn from the receptacles, the number of the draw is announced and indicated on a master list, as well as on the application/card.  For example, the first application/card drawn will be indicated as #1 on the master list; and the application/card will be marked with a #1.
  2. All applicants will be assigned a lottery number 
  3. After the lottery, each applicant will be notified in writing of his/her place on each list applicable.
  4. There will be only one Lottery Pool. All households who meet the income eligibility guidelines and are eligible for occupancy in a 2-bedroom unit shall be entered into the Lottery Pool. 2-4 people only will be considered.
  5. The Lottery will be held at location TBD and will be open to the public.
  6. All eligible applicants will be entered into the lottery and assigned an “application number”. The application number is a number used to keep the identities of all applicants private during the lottery.
  7. Each application number will be written on a ballot that is identical in size, shape, and color. (e.g. an all white 3’x5’ index card)
  8. All ballots will then be drawn and assigned a lottery number in the order they were drawn.  
  9. In the days following the lottery, the top pool of applicants will be invited to view the unit(s). 
  10. After the Lottery, Erealty Advisors Inc will contact the top households by email and will give five (5) business days to provide any additional information required to verify their eligibility. In the event the applicant does not have an email address, Erealty Advisors Inc will request by letter and follow up with phone calls and give 7 business days for a deadline.
  11. If the top ranked household wishes to move forward with the unit and their application is verified and deemed eligible then they will be forwarded to the owner for final selection.
  12. If the household declines to accept the available unit, they will be withdrawn from the lottery and Erealty Advisors Inc will offer the unit to the next highest ranked household.
  13. Failure to provide requested information and documentation by the given deadline will result in the household becoming ineligible for the unit. 
  14. If an applicant fails to respond to Erealty Advisors Inc’ initial contact and given deadline, Erealty Advisors Inc will send a formal rejection to the applicant with the option to appeal within 7 days from the date of the rejection. Rejection letters will be sent via both email and direct mail.


Section VI. Waiting List

The lottery agent will retain a list of households who are not awarded a unit from the initial lottery, in the order that they were drawn from the general (non-local) pool. If any of the initial buyers do not purchase a unit, the unit shall be offered to the highest ranked household on that retained list.


The wait list generally may be retained and used to fill units for up to one (1) year. However, other factors such as the number of households remaining on the list, the likelihood of the continuing eligibility of such households, and the demographic diversity of such households may inform the retention time of the list, subject to the approval of the Subsidizing Agency. 


After the initial lottery, waiting lists should be analyzed, maintained, and updated (through additional marketing) so that they remain consistent with the objectives of the housing program and are adequately representative of the racial, ethic, and other characteristics of potential applicants in the housing market region


  1. Attachments


  1. Sample Lottery Advertisement
  2. Sample Lottery Application 
  3. Sample Rejection Letter
  4. MPI Reasonable Accommodation Policy
  5. MPI Language Access Plan
  6. Building Floor Plans
  7. List of Civic & Community Organizations
  8. Erealty Advisors Inc, Inc Company Bio & Resume


As authorized representatives of 163 Chestnut, LLC and Erealty Advisors Inc., respectively, each of us has reviewed this plan and agrees to implement this AFHMP, which shall be made effective as of the approval date. Further, by signing this form, 163 Chestnut LLC, Inc agrees to review and update its AFHMP as necessary in order to comply with all applicable statutes, regulations, executive orders and other binding requirements pertaining to affirmative fair housing marketing and resident selection plans reasonably related to such statutes, regulations, executive orders, as same may be amended from time to time. We hereby certify that all the information stated herein, as well as any information provided herewith, is true and accurate.


      _____________________ _____________________

163 Chestnut, LLC                 Erealty Advisors Inc


City of Chelsea Income Restricted Ownership Opportunity





Maximum Income per Household Size


Household Size 30 % AMI Low Income  50% AMI Low Income  80% AMI Low Income
2 $26,100 $56,100 $67,320
3 $29,350 $63,100 $75,720
4 $32,600 $70,100 $84,120


* 2022 Area Median Incomes for the Boston, Cambridge, Quincy,Chelsea MA-NH MSA.  Income limits are subject to change based.


Households may request an application be sent by email or mail from 07/20//23- 09/20/23

through the following methods:


Call: 781-201-9488 – MA Relay 711 text/email preferred


Information Session:

After careful consideration and an abundance of caution, it has decided to cancel the in-person application distribution period and the information meetings. To replace the informational meetings, we have created a presentation that includes information about the property, the application process, preferences, the lottery, and what happens after the lottery. For a copy of the presentation, please visit:


Deadline for completed applications by mail only:

Postmarked no later than 09/30/23

Erealty Advisors Inc.

932 Broadway, Chelsea MA 02150

Selection by Lottery. Use & Occupancy Restrictions apply. Preference for households with at least one person per bedroom. 

For more info or to make a request for reasonable accommodations, please contact Erealty Advisors Inc, Inc. 

Phone: 781-201-9488 – MA Relay 711 or 

Email: info@chelsearealestate.com 

    Equal Housing Opportunity


You may only submit one application per household. Duplicate applications will be discarded and only one application per household will be accepted.


163 Chestnut lottery 

163 Chestnut Street, Chelsea, MA 02150


Head of Household:


Street Address:  
Zip Code:  
Email Address:  
Phone #:  


Head of Household (2):


Street Address:  
Zip Code:  
Email Address:  
Phone #:  


Erealty Advisors Inc will contact applicants by email and phone only. If an email address is not provided, we will send notifications through postal mail and follow up by phone.


Which Unit Size are you Applying For (circle one)


2 Bedroom 2 Baths 


What is the total number of people in the household applying for the unit?


My Household Size is:                 2-4 People will only be considered for these 2 bedrooms.. If you are 1 person or 5+ please do not apply. 


Income Information:  


The affordable units will all be in the 30%, 50% and 80% AMI income category.  1 unit in each category. 


Household Size 30 % AMI Low Income  50% AMI Low Income  80% AMI Low Income
          2 $26,100 $56,100 $67,320
3 $29,350 $63,100 $75,720
4 $32,600 $70,100 $84,120


* 2022 Area Median Incomes for the Boston, Cambridge, Quincy,Chelsea MA-NH MSA.


Please complete the below chart for all household members that would be residing in the unit, including yourself:


Full Name Age Head of Household or Occupant Relationship to Head of Household (i.e. Daughter, Son, Mother, Father, etc.)
     Head of Household  
  • Applicants must provide last 8 weeks of paystubs. If paid biweekly, provide 4 consecutive paystubs. If paid weekly, provide 8 consecutive paystubs,or evidence of any other source of income for all adult household members.
  • Please include income for any full-time students over age 18.
  • Provide school transcript or proof of student status for dependent household members over age of 18 and full‐time students.
  • For household members with no income over 18 years of age, please provide a no-income affidavit.

If self-employed, please provide a self-prepared year to date profit and loss statement. 


Please provide a no income affidavit for anyone with no income aged 18 or over.  Include income for full time students over age 18.


Additional Guidance on Income:


  • Social Security/ Social Security Disability: Provide an official statement of the monthly amount received for the year in review and statement of total amount received for the latest tax year.
  • Unemployment: if receiving unemployment, please provide copies of the unemployment checks.
  • Child support/Alimony: Provide documents indicating the payment amount. Child support income shall be determined based upon the prior 12-month history. Lump sum payments for prior periods shall not be included in calculating the child support payments for the prior 12 months.
  • Pension: Provide statement indicating amount received for year in review and statement of total amount received for latest tax year. 
  • No-income: Please provide a no income affidavit for anyone with no income aged 18 or over. Include income for full time students over age 18.
  • Self-employed: If self-employed, please provide a self-prepared year to date profit and loss statement. 


When self-employment income is sporadic or based upon commission, the projection of household income currently shall be based upon historical data unless: 


(1) The household can demonstrate and verify that it has experienced a change in circumstances that is a reliable indicator that its income has decreased and that the historical data is not a reasonable basis for projecting household income; or 


(2) Documentation indicates that the household has experienced a change in circumstance that is a reliable indicator that its income has increased and that the historical data is not a reasonable basis for projecting household income. 


  1. When self-employment income is sporadic or based upon commission and there is no record of self-employment from the last year in which tax returns were filed, the projection of household income will be based solely upon the reliable year-to-date documentation. 


Medical Expense Income Exclusions: 


  1. Medical expenses, including insurance costs, do not qualify as an excludable expense, e.g., an expense that may be used to reduce income. 


  1. If another family member is providing regular monthly payments to help with medical expenses, including insurance costs, that payment is a qualified medical reimbursement and does qualify for income exclusion. Child support designated for medical expenses shall be treated in the same manner; it shall be excluded from income. 


Asset Information


Please include copies of the past 2 months of statements for all asset accounts and include all pages of statements.  Evidence of all assets must be provided, and all assets must be listed on the application.  This includes checking, savings, stocks, CD’s, 401K’s, IRA’s. 


Please list all household members and income below:


Household Member Name Estimated Current Annualized Gross Income


Tax Information:


   Please include the following for all household members over 18 years of age:

  1. Signed copies of the 2022 and 2023 Federal and state Income tax returns with all schedules included
  2. 2022 and 2023 W-2 Form or 1099s.

Race & Ethnicity (Optional Disclosure):


This response is for the race and ethnicity of the head of household only. 

There is no penalty for persons who do not complete this section of the application. This information will only be used in aggregate, for the purposes of reporting and analysis.


Please check all boxes that apply:


    • Alaskan Native and Native American
    • Asian
    • Black or African American (not of Hispanic origin) 
    • Hispanic or Latino 
    • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
    • White (not of Hispanic origin)
  • Other (please specify): ______________



The application period will last 60 days.  For an applicant to be entered the lottery, they must submit a completed application and be screened for income and asset eligibility.  If an applicant is not income eligible, they will not be entered in the lottery.


In carrying out this marketing program and buyer selection process, neither the Owner nor its Lottery Agent, will discriminate based on race, color, creed, religion, sex, familial status, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, handicap, citizenship, ancestry or marital status, public assistance, gender identity or any other basis prohibited by law.


Disabled persons are entitled to request a reasonable accommodation in rules, policies, practices, or services, or to request a reasonable modification in the housing, when such accommodations or modifications may be necessary to affordable person with disabilities an equal opportunity to use and enjoy the housing. 

Application Deadline:


The deadline for completed applications by mail only, postmarked no later than Sept 30th , 2023.  

Mailed to:


Erealty Advisors, Inc.


932 Broadway Chelsea MA,02150



Erealty Advisors, Inc’ staff is available to answer any questions during the process. Please feel free to contact us:


781-201-9488 | US Relay 711 text/email preferred 


Signature Clause:


I understand that the Lottery Agent is relying on this information to prove my household’s eligibility for 157 & 163 Chestnut Street, Chelsea. I certify that all information and answers to the above questions are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.  I consent to release the necessary information to determine my eligibility.  I understand that providing false information or making false statements may be grounds for denial of my application.  


I authorize my consent to have the Lottery Agent to verify the information contained in this application for purposes of proving my eligibility for occupancy.  I will provide all necessary information and expedite this process in any way possible.  I understand that my income must be eligible to be entered the lottery.


All ADULT household members must sign below:


Signature Date


Signature Date


Signature Date


    Equal Housing Opportunity






Applicant Name

Street Address

City, State, Zip Code


Dear Applicant Name, 

After carefully reviewing your application for housing at PROPERTY NAME & ADDRESS, we regret to inform you that your application has been rejected.


The decision for the denial was based on one or more of the following reasons:



If the unfavorable circumstances listed above are the result of your having a disability, you may request a reasonable accommodation.  A reasonable accommodation is an adjustment to a procedure, unit or common area that will prevent the tenancy related problem from recurring and enable you to be lease compliant.  

If you would like to appeal the rejection, you may request a conference call meeting, in writing within 5 days of the denial date by contacting:

Jeffrey Bowen
Erealty Advisors
932 Broadway Chelsea, MA 02150
781-201-9488 text/call/email textwww.chelsearealestate.com/lottery 

info@chelsearealestate.com   Text/email preferred


The conference call meeting will be conducted by a member of the Property Management staff.  Within 5 business days we will respond in writing to advise you of the conference outcome. If you have a disability and need a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in the informal hearing process, please inform management and we will be happy to provide it.  Likewise, if you have limited English proficiency and as a result need a language interpreter or some other assistance, please inform management and we would be happy to provide it free of charge.  

If you believe you have been discriminated against in seeking housing, you should contact the Boston Fair Housing Commission, tel 617-635-4408, or the Mass Commission Against Discrimination tel 617-727-3990; or the US Dept of Housing and Urban Development, tel: 617-994-8300.”



Jeffrey Bowen
Erealty Advisors
932 Broadway Chelsea, MA 02150
781-201-9488text/call text/email preferred


Hablo Espanol?

Carlos Almendarez




Erealty Advisors Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of any protected status, including disability, in the admission of or access to, or treatment or employment in its programs and activities.  Erealty Advisors, Inc. provides persons with disabilities the opportunity to request a Reasonable Accommodation in order to apply to and participate in such programs and activities.  Erealty Advisors, Inc. also provides people whose primary language isn’t English and as a result have limited English proficiency the opportunity to request free language assistance in order to apply to or participate in its programs and activities. Erealty Advisors is incompliance with all nondiscrimination requirements, including Section 504.  Contact her with any questions or concerns relating to Erealty Advisors compliance with nondiscrimination requirements: Telephone (781) 943-9488 , US Relay 711or at Erealty Advisors, Inc










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